Important message for self-service users: Please use the self-service link below to register and wait to receive a permission after your training. In the institution field of your profile please provide your department and supervisor name. If you have problems please call 492-8576 for assistance.

    Check Schedule for instrument avaliability.

  • University of Alberta users (assisted service)
  • University of Alberta users (self service)
  • Other academic users
  • Non-academic users


(1) Please check instrument pages for sample requirements. Most UHV instruments require diameter less than 20 mm and thickness less than 5 mm, diameter of 10-15 mm and thickness of 1-2 mm are preferred.

(2) Thel UHV equipment is typically regarded as assisted-service and requires submission of a completed application form with your samples (click on the first link above).

(3) Self-service of trained UofA users is available for our non-vacuum instruments. Please approach ACSES management to arrange training and acquire access code for on-line booking through the second link above. Cancellations 24 hrs in advance are accepted by phone or e-mail, otherwise minimum of 1 hrs booking charge will be applied.

(4) First-time users should print, complete and sign the form with their supervisors. Subsequent analysis can be requested by submitting a completed form on-line.

(5) The academic users must sign ACSES usage agreement at the end of the form, requiring free exchange and publicity of the data.

(6) All non-academic work (samples, data and report) is subject to bon fide confidentiality or by confidentiality agreements.

(6) External users should provide Purchase Order number with their requests unless their institution has an open PO contract with ACSES. UofA users should submit signed indent which can be used till end of the calendar month. All on-line bookings will be revoked if an indent is not provided in advance, unless the user group has an open account with the ACSES facility and the account has enough credits.

(6) Our charges are based on the insturment hours spent on the job that depend on the information required. Please ask ACSES management for typical time required and for our current rates.