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Analysis Request Form

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(Results generally within 14
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50% Surcharge
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24 hour
100% Surcharge
(minimum verbal report within
one business day of sample receipt)

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Report format: Hard Copy Facsimile Electronic Mail
  Floppy Disk *
*$1.00 CAD will be added to invoice
Compact Disk *
*$2.00 CAD will be added to invoice
Sample submission guidelines: 1. Samples and area(s) of analysis should be clearly marked and labeled

2. Samples should be clean (i.e. free of finger prints, dirt, debris), and wrapped separately

3. A surcharge of $25.00 CAD will be levied when obvious dangerous/hazardous goods arrive in our facility without the appropriate Dangerous Goods Declaration and MSDS

Contact person: E-mail: Phone: Date:

Academic Usage Agreement for ACSES

1. Academic users are defined as faculty members holding at least a 0.5 FTE paid position at a Canadian university.

2. Academic users must agree to the following principles and undertakings as a condition for access to the equipment:

(a) Academic use of the facility implies free exchange of data and eventual publication of results. Confidential testing of samples is to be charged at the proper non-academic rate in all cases.

(b) Users of ACSES acknowledge the use of the facility in all publications and reports.

(c) Copies of papers and reports that incorporate data from the instruments are provided to ACSES for reporting and record keeping.