NEW: We have just acquired a new VEGA-3 SEM instrument. Please visit Instrumentation page for details.

NEW: Cryo stage has been installed on our ToF SIMS mass spectrometer in March 2010.

NEW: STEM with EDS has been installed in 2012 and became operational in March 2013.

NEW: UPS and EDXS have been added to our techniques in August 2010.

Check Schedule page for expected analysis delays

Next ACSES training on Practical Surface Analysis will take place in May/June 2014. If you want to book a spot please click here to read details and register.

ACSES Mission

The University of Alberta Faculties of Engineering and Science are collaborating to develop an integrated facility for surface characterization and modification.

* * *

The facility will allow innovative research to build an established strengths in heterogenious catalysis, natural resource extraction, corrosion and wear, microfabrication and electronic materials.

* * *

New methods are being developed to control the physical, chemical and biological surface properties of materials. These will be central to many applications in resource extraction, petrochemicals, microelectronics, medical implants, pharmaceutical, and emerging micro- and nanotechnologies.

* * *

Our interdisciplinary team will synthesize, characterize, and test new surfaces in actual applications and devices.