Atomic Force Microscope MFP-3D (Asylum Research)

with inverted optical microscope (Carsen)



Main Features:

This system uses closed loop scanning in all three directions (x, y and z) for accurate length, height and force measurements. It can be operated on both a standard stage and on the top of an Olympus IX 70/71 (Carsen) inverted optical microscope. This allows sub-micron positioning of the sample in two dimensions as well as high-resolution optical imaging simultaneous with force measurements. On the standard stage, top-view optics (to view the tips and the sample from above) are available. While on the inverted microscope, the tip can be viewed from below through a transparent sample. The system is housed in an acoustic noise enclosure and on a vibration damping table that limit noise to less than 0.4 nm in the x and y and less than 0.2 nm in the z directions. Both non-conducting and conducting samples can be analyzed. Standard scan modes available in fluid and air include contact mode (with lateral force) and Q controlled AC (with phase). Push-button calibration of cantilever force constants and closed loop z-scanning permit accurate force curve measurements. Nanolithography and nanomanipulation with custom scripting software are also available. The system is also capable of electrical measurements including conducting AFM, scanning capacitance and Kelvin probe microscopies. Metal coated conductive tips are available. The AFM is equipped with temperature controlled closed fluid cell for biological imaging. The BioHeater controls and maintains the cell temperature from the ambient temperature up to 80 degr. C with an accuracy of 0.1 degr. C.

More details about the options offered by the AFM instrument can be found in the MFP-3D Manual. Useful information on conductive sample measurements is contained in Orca Application notes. Application notes and guidelines for using our recently acquired Piezo-responce Force Module are posted in the Asylum documents PFM1, PFM2, and PFM3. Other Asylum Research developments are outlined in the company website, see our Links webpage.

Users must provide their own cantilevers according to their needs. We keep in stock some common cantilevers which we can offer for sale. For list of the cantilevers available please click here.




Atomic Force Microscope MPF-3D


Inverted Optical MicroscopeOlympus 70/71
  The Atomic Force Microscope and the Inverted Optical Microscope are installed in CCIS building, Rm. L2-341.



Imaging of bacteria in liquid media can be found on the AFM page.