Fourrier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Nicolet 8700 (Thermo)

The Nicolet 8700 Spectrometer was installed in June 2005.



    Main features:

    • Suited for analysis of bulk samples, thin films, powders and liquids
    • Spectral resolution of the instrument - 0.125 cm-1
    • Light sources - infrared and white light, in polarized or non-polarized mode
    • Minimum energy step - 0.482 cm-1
    • . The energy range for the current detectors is 350-7400 cm-1


  • Smart Collector for DRIFTS (Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy)
  • Smart Speculator for ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) and specular reflectance sampling
  • GATR for Grazing Angle Reflectance Studies
  • PEM, PhotoElastic Modulator to vary light beam polarization for IRRAS (InfraRed Reflection/Adsorption Spectroscopy)
  • Smart Environmental Chamber for elevated temperature (up to 900°C)/high pressure/vacuum conditions

Location: CME-180