Scanning Electron Microscope Vega-3 (Tescan) with EDXS detector (Oxford Instruments)



Main Features:

- Low Vacuum Mode, LVM (variable nitrogen pressure)

- High Vacuum Mode, HVM (pressure < 3 x 10-3 Pa)

Accelerating voltage: 200 eV to 30 keV

Tilt: +/- 90 degr, 3D reconstruction avaialble

Detectors: SEM, BSE (in HVM only), EDXS (LN-free, 10 cm, 133 eV resolution)


- conducting in HVM, conducting/non-conducting in LVM. Non-conducting samples should be coated in advance to meet the HVM requirements

- powders/wafers are mounted on standard SEM stubs, solid pieces should be less than 15 cm in diameter

More details about the options offered by the SEM amd EDS instruments can be found in the Vega-3 Manual and INCA Manual.




Vega-3 Scanning Electron Microscope


EDXS detector installed on Vega-3
  The Vega-3 Scanning Electron Microscopes is installed in CCIS-1 building, Rm. L2-336.



SEM images can be found on the SEM page.