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 Multifinctional UHV System for HREELS, LEED, MBE and EBE (Specs, Createc)
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  • Fast entry load-lock introduction chamber
  • Radial distribution chamber
  • UHV analytical chamber with 4-axes (x, y, z, rotation) stage and a heater
  • UHV deposition chamber with high-precion heated manipulator
  • Delta 0.5 HREELS spectrometer (SPECS), energy resolution FWHM < 1 meV
  • LEED/AES Spectrometer
  • Two effusion cells for MBE (Createc)
  • Electron beam evaporator (Oxford Instr.)
  • Quartz-crystal thickness monitor (Oxford Instr.)
  • In-situ cleaver
  • IMS, ion source for sputter etching (Omikron)


General view
MBE and EBE deposition chamber
EELS chamber
LEED chamber
Delta 0.5 HREELS analyzer
Ion source

Sample requirements: upto 0.5" diameter and 6 mm thickness

Holders: Kratos stub holders are used, see Axis-165 for photos

Location: CME-180