Surface Science Canada


  • NIST Scientific and Technical Databases
  • NIST: XPS database (somewhat old, but rather complete online database on binding energies of various elements and compounds
  • Scientific and Technical Databases
  • NIST: FTIR and Raman database No spectra, just positions of the peaks
  • Lasurface: XPS, AES and UPS online database, provides also useful background material for beginners and for advanced users
  • XPS International (Five printed volumes containing spectra from pure elements, native oxides and some compounds, available in the ACSES main lab )
  • "Handbook of X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Reference Book of Standard Spectra for Identification and Interpretation of XPS Data" by J.F. Moulder, W.F. Stickle, P.E. Sobol and K.D. Bomben, published by Physical Electronics (February 1995) - out of print, often called "XPS bible", hardcopy available in the ACSES main lab
  • Electron Binding Energies (LBL, Berkeley, CA : on-line)
  • Electron Attenuation/IMFP Databases (NIST : off-line, copy available in ACSES main lab)
  • NIST Chemistry WebBook (NIST, includes MS-fragmentation & IR data, available on-line)
  • Static SIMS Library (SurfaceSpectra Ltd., off-line)
  • Surface Science Spectra Monthly journal published by AVS with alphabetical list of all materials published in SSS, available on-line for UofA users
  • Surface Structure Database (NIST, off-line)
  • WebElements (general database of properties of the elements, on-line)
  • XPS and AES Spectral Database (mainatined on-line by Surface Analysis Society of Japan with sputter etching rate database)
  • XPS Database of Polymers (off-line book: SurfaceSpectra Ltd.)
  • XPS Polymer Handbook (off-line : Kratos, CD available in ACSES main lab)
  • UKSAF : UK Surface Analysis Forum with a Database Page, available on-line
  • XPS Blog : Useful summary of the binding energies and XPS spectra based on critical review of the NIST Database, includes also references to recently published data of Surface Science Western
  • TUW database : Calculated parameters for electron spectroscopies with tutorial compiled by Wolfgang Werner, Technical University Wien
  • SIMS Society USA : Official website with links to databases and books available on the internet


  • CASA software
    Powerful software with valuable comments on peak shapes and backgrounds by Neal Fairley, we have site licence of the program
  • ARCtick (PC)
    To assist in depth profiling by angle-resolved XPS - from National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • ARXPS To assist in the interpretation of angle-resolved XPS - from R. Paynter, Quebec.
  • ARXPS Package (vn. 1.0) for Igor Pro (Mac, PC)
    Analysis of angle-resolved XPS data - from J.J. Weimer, Alabama
  • CCP3: Surface Science
    Computer simulation of surface structure and properties; synchrotron data analysis software - from Computational Science & Engineering Dept., Daresbury, UK.
  • Compro (Common Data Analysis Processing System) (PC)
    - from the Surface Analysis Society of Japan
  • Data Analysis (PC)
    - from M. Karolewski.
  • eXPFit (PC)
    An XPS peak fitting utility for Microsoft Excel - from R.M. Nix, Queen Mary, University of London
  • FitXPS (PC)
    An XPS peak analysis program (for Win 9x/NT) - from D.L. Adams, Univ. of Aarhus
  • Quases
    - for quantitative XPS/AES analysis of surface nano-structures
    - for quantitative angle-resolved analysis by XPS/AES
    - for calculation of IMFPs by TPP2M- formula
    all from Sven Tougaard, Odense
  • Thickogram - for calculation of thin film thickness as derived by P.Cumpson, NPL
  • Kalypso (PC)
    Molecular dynamics program for simulation of atomic collisions in solids - from M. Karolewski
  • Simion (PC)
    An ion optics simulation program (demo only for download) - from Ion Source Software
  • Spectral DataProcessor (PC) : Windows based XPS spectral data processing software from XPS International, Inc. Copy available for use in ACSES main lab only
  • Software from Surface Theory Web Centre
    A range of software relating primarily to surface structures, LEED, photoemission and photoelectron diffraction - from M.A. Van Hove and the Surface Theory group at Berkeley.
  • SpXZeigR Routines for Igor Pro (Mac, PC)
    For spectral data analysis and presentation - from J.J. Weimer, Alabama
  • Surface Explorer
    An interactive surface viewer on the web (see also BALSAC) - from F. Rammer and K. Hermann , FHI.
  • UniFit (PC)
    A universal program for XPS peak fitting under Windows - from R. Hesse, Uni. Leipzig.
  • wxEWA
    A multiplatform spectrum evaluation program, with some special options for the fields XPS, UPS, XRF and atomic collisions - from J. Vegh, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • XPS MultiQuant (PC)
    A quantitative evaluation program for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy - from M. Mohai, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • XPSPeak(PC)
    For analysis of XPS data (Win95/98 version) - from R. Kwok, C.U. Hong Kong.
  • 3D Surface View (PC)
    Image visualisation software for SPM data - from MS MacroSystem, Netherlands.


Books on Surface Analysis available in UofA library. ACSES main lab have copies of some books too



TEM, MicroRaman: NINT

MicroFTIR, MALDI: UofA, Dept. of Chemistry

X-ray Microprobe: UofA, Dept. of EAS

NANOFAB, a Micro & Nanofabrication Facility

INRF, Integrated Nano Research Facility



Surface Science Canada 2008

20th SIMS Workshop 2009, Key Largo, FL

ISI 2011 - Ion-Solid Interactions Internat. conference, Moscow

ECASIA 2011, Cardiff, UK

SIMS International Conference 2011, Trento, Italy



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