We intend to list here publications based on data that are obtained using our facility. Examples of our data refering to particular applications are given with the description of the Techniques

Some of our earliest results on XPS using AXIS-165 are illustrated in a poster presentation [1]. Poster [2] on simulation and visualazation of metal clusters on Si was presented at "Surface Science Canada 2004" conference in Vancouver. Poster [3] on changes in silver dressings when heated was presented at ICMENS conference in Banff held in August 2004. Poster [4] presented at Nanoforum 2008 demonstrates various applications of ToF SIMS technique to biological and biomedical samples.

Recent articles published by our users are listed in [5].

Lecture slides on "Surface Analytical Techniques" are available on request, see [6] for contents.

If you want to find books on surface analysis in the library of the University of Alberta, see a list in [7]. You can also borrow some of our copies in ACSES main lab (CME 1-24).

On request we will show here some latest user data1 and data3.