AXIS-165: Operational for XPS without ion sputtering


ToF-SIMS: Operational

SPECS: HREELS, LEED, MBE, RHEED operational, EBE has been removed

JAMP-9500F: Operational. FESEM, AES and EDXS modes avaialble

Asylum AFM: Operational

Olympus Inverted Fluorescence Microscope: Operational

Nicolet FTIR: Operational, now in room L1-337

CM-20 TEM: Operational

Vega-3 SEM works fine, EDXS detector sent for repair

Contact Angle: Operational

AS-200 Depth Profiler: Operational

Optical Microscope : Operational


NOTE: Make sure you book in advance for training or self-service work using non-UHV instruments and licensed software


Our current waiting time is

XPS: 7 - 10 days

ToF SIMS: 1-2 days

JAMP 9500F: 3-5 days

AFM, Inverted Fluorescence microscope: 2-3 days, see the 'Analysis Request' self-service page for availability

FTIR/Contact Angle/Depth Profiler/Optical Microscopy: no waiting, see the 'analysis request' self-service page for availability


Please bring samples with form and indent by noon on Friday to book your time for next week. For air-sensitive samples contact us by e-mail/phone or submit a form electronically and we'll advise you when to bring samples for your analysis. If you prefer you can bring your samples to keep them in nitrogen ambient or in high vacuum before your analysis time. This schedule is usually updated on Fridays.