University of Alberta Archives Services: Reproductions

Archives Services -- Reproduction Services

The Archives offers its users a wide range of reproduction services which include photocopying and photographic, audio, video, and microfilm reproduction. Copies are provided for administrative or research purposes only and permission to subsequently reproduce them must be obtained from the Archives. All material in the Archives is subject to copyright legislation and responsibility regarding copyright and the use of copies is assumed by the recipient.

The Archives may refuse to make copies of material if restricted by donor agreement or copyright, or if the material is fragile.

All prices and services listed here are subject to change without notice.

Photocopies and Telefacsimiles

Photocopies of material will be provided, for research purposes only, at the rate of 35 cents per page. There is a quarterly limit of 300 pages per researcher. Orders which require shipping, or that are sent via Fax, are subject to a $5 service fee.


The Archives will reproduce photographs for the purpose of research. If a researcher wishes to have a print made of an image that has no negative, a copy negative will be created. The cost of the negative ($10) will be charged to the researcher, in addition to the cost of the print. The Archives retains the negative.

The following charges apply for black and white prints.

4" x 5"			$ 7
5" x 7"			$10
8" x 10"		$15
11" x 14"		$25
Reproductions made for commercial use (use in non-academic magazines, newspapers, film, television, or for use in offices or restaurants, or for advertising purposes) are charged at a different rate. For a complete list of reproduction services and charges contact the Archives.