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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Arts and Science was the first faculty organized at the University, by a resolution of the first meeting of the Senate in March 1908. Dr. W.A.R. Kerr was named Dean in 1914. In 1963 the Faculty was divided: humanities and social sciences were assigned to the new Faculty of Arts; natural sciences to the new Faculty of Science.

Courses in the physical sciences provide a core of studies for other faculties, especially Agriculture, Engineering and Medicine. In the subject areas of geography, psychology and linguistics it is possible to obtain a degree in either Arts or Science. The Departments that make up the Faculty of Science are: Botany, Chemistry, Computing Science, Genetics, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Statistics and Applied Probability, and Zoology.

1963-1965	Max Wyman 
1965-1977	Donald Murray Ross 
1977-1982	Kenneth B. Newbound 
1982-1991	W. John McDonald 

	Photographs, 1971, 0.02 m

 	Photographs	1971
Opening of the Biological Sciences Building and facilities for 
departments in the Faculty of Science.  Includes views of the 
departments of Botany, Genetics, Microbiology, Psychology, 
Zoology; the Paleobotany Collection and the electron microscope 
(26 photonegatives).

See also: Faculty of Arts and Science; Graduate Science Club; 
Science Association

Department of Botany

The subject of botany was taught through the Department of Biology from 1912 until 1922 when its own department was established. Its facilities include herbaria, a phytotron and access to the Devonian Botanic Gardens. One of the Departmentís extensive research programs was a five-year study of the ecosystem of Devon Island, Northwest Territories, in conjunction with the International Biological Programmeís Tundra Biome Project.

1912-1939	Francis John Lewis 
1939-1957	Ezra Henry Moss 
1957-1966	Harold Johnston Brodie 
1966-1969	Wilson H. Stewart 

1969-1971	Wilson N. Stewart
1971-1979	Paul R. Gorham
1976-1977	Wilson N. Stewart
1979-1984	David D. Cass
1984-		Keith E. Denford

	Text, 1969-1975, 0.40 m

 	Devon Island Research Project	1969-1975
Proposal; correspondence; reports; publication, 1977.

See also: Faculty of Arts and Science; Faculty of Science;
 Faculty of Agriculture; Department of Plant Science;
 Devonian Botanic Garden; Mold Herbarium; Eleanor
 Silver (Dowding) Keeping; Harold Brodie; Ezra Moss

Department of Chemistry

In existence since the beginning of the University, the Chemistry Department has evolved since the 1950s from principally a teaching role into a research and teaching unit. In addition to undergraduate and graduate instruction, the Department has conducted research in fields including natural resources, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry.

1909-1930	August H. Lehman 
1930-1942	John W. Shipley 
1942-1957	Osman James Walker 
1957-1969	Harry E. Gunning 

1969-1974	Harry E. Gunning
1974-1979	Walter Edgar Harris
1979-1985	Robert J. Crawford
1985-1990	Robert Beatty Jordan
1990-		Byron George Kratochvil

	Text, 1909-1981, 5.04 m

 	Examinations	1962-1975

 	Financial	1938-1940, [1964]

 	Publications	1909-1981
Bound offprints of staff research publications.

See also: Faculty of Arts and Science; Walter E. Harris; Byron G. 

Department of Computing Science

The first computer services at the University were provided by the Committee on Electronic Equipment (1957) and the Computing Centre (1958-1970) before the Department of Computing Science, an academic unit, was founded in 1964. Significant areas of research conducted in the Department include artificial intelligence, networks, databases, graphics, and computer chess.

1960-1964	Donald Burton Scott 

1964-1971	Donald Burton Scott

1971-1972	John Penny (Acting) 
1972-1977	Arthur Wouk  
1976-1977	John Tartar (Acting) 
1977-1981	John Tartar  
1981-1982	L. Wayne Jackson (Acting) 
1982-1983	Wayne A. Davis (Acting) 
1983-1988	Lee J. White  
1988-1989	Robert Crawford (Acting) 
1989-		Paul Sorenson  

	Text, 1958-1980, 1.03 m

 	Chairís office	1958-1975
Correspondence; notes.

 	Memorabilia	1965-1975
Student Oriented Batch Facility.

 	Publications	[1969]-1980

See also: University Computing Systems; General Faculties 
Council; Department of Mathematics.

Department of Geography

Originally a division of the Department of Political Economy, the Department of Geography offers programs in both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts in the areas of physical, applied and human geography, as well as a specialization stream in meteorology.

The Department is equipped for research in cartography, biogeography, geomorphology, meteorology and hydrology. It is co-sponsor of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute (formerly the Boreal Institute for Northern Studies) and supports the University Map Collection.

1957-1967	William Clare Wonders 

1967-1975	Peter J. Smith
1975-1980	Ian Alexander N. Campbell
1980-1985	Robert G. Ironside
1985-		M. John Hodgson

	Text, 1954-1989, 2.59 m

 	Chairís office	1954-1969

 	Professional congresses	1972-1976
Includes organization of meetings; publications.

 	Publications	1969-1974

 	Research	1989
Tornado study project, by members of the Division of Meteorology.

See also: W.C. Wonders; Canadian Circumpolar Institute; 
International Geographical Union

Department of Geology

One of the early departments at the University, the Geology Departmentís surveys of the geology and stratigraphy of Alberta contributed to the development of the provinceís natural resources. In addition to undergraduate and graduate studies in geology, the Department offers an undergraduate program in palaeontology in cooperation with the Department of Zoology. Researchers in the Department have done work in fields such as ore geology, invertebrate and vertebrate palaeontology, stratigraphy and isotope geochemistry.

1912-1949	John Andrew Allan 
1949-1955	Percival Sidney Warren 
1955-1969	Robert Edward Follinsbee 

1969-1970	Robert Edward Follinsbee
1970-1980	Richard St. J. Lambert
1980-[1989]	Nathaniel W. Rutter
1989-		Brian D.E. Chatterton

	Multiple media, 1907-1970, 14.36 m

 	Chairís office	1921-1968

 	Consulting	1927-1956

 	Departmental library	1921-1954

 	Equipment	1922-1951

 	Field work	1921-1936
Includes maps; photographs, 1910-1936.

 	Memberships	1923-1968

 	Museum	1920-1951

 	Photographs	1907-1954, 1968
Includes field work photographs taken by John A. Allan, 1909-

 	Publications	1919-1965

 	Reports	1920-1935

 	Research	1955-1969
Includes coal; oil sands.

 	Speeches, talks, addresses	1921-1935
Includes radio broadcasts.

 	Staff	1922-1966

 	Students	1922-1970
Includes studentsí research reports.

Guide to photographs, 1909-1954;

See also: Faculty of Arts and Science; Department of Mining, 
Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineering; Alberta Research Council

Department of Mathematics

In existence since the Universityís opening classes, the Department of Mathematics offers undergraduate and graduate programs with interdisciplinary components in statistics, physics and computing science, as well as an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts. The Department has done active research in areas such as mathematical physics, topology, differential equations and mathematical biology. It is associated with the Applied Mathematics Institute at the University.

1908-1910	Henry Marshall Tory 
1910-1947	Ernest Wilson Sheldon 
1947-1954	John William Campbell 
1954-1961	Ernest Sydney "Frank" Keeping 

1961-1963	Max Wyman
1963-1964	Leo Moser
1964-1966	Andrew Lloyd Dulmage
1964-1966	Arthur E. Livingstone
1966		Leo Moser

1966-1971	John Ross McGregor  
1969-1970	W.A. Al-Salam (Acting) 
1971-1975	Sudhish G. Ghurye  
[1975-1976]	L. Amram Meir (Acting) 
[1976-1981]	Murray S. Klamkin  
1981-1986	Jack W. Macki  
[1986-1987]	Herbert I. Freedman (Acting) 
[1987-1991]	Lynn H. Erbe  
[1991]-		Ronald D. Bercov  

	Text, 1913-1975, [0.05] m

 	Departmental minutes	1913-1961

 	Examinations	1947-1949, 1975

 	Publications	1966-1971
Includes E.S. Keeping:  A Short History of the Mathematics 
Department,  1971.

See also: Department of Physics; Department of Computing Science; 
Mathematics Club; Science Association; Max Wyman; Ernest S. 
Keeping; Ernest W. Sheldon

Department of Physics

Established at the same time that the University opened, the Department of Physics has conducted research in the area of astrophysics, geophysics, solid state physics, medical physics, nuclear physics and theoretical physics. It operates the Universityís Observatory and houses two institutes, the Theoretical Physics Institute (founded 1960) and the Institute of Earth and Planetary Physics (1970). The Department is one of the contributors to the TRIUMF particle accelerator project located at the University of British Columbia.

1909-1912	[Mr.] Hargraves 
1912-1929	Robert William Boyle 
1929-1932	Stanley Smith (Acting)
1932-1942	Stanley Smith 

1942-1945	Robert James Lang
1945-1948	George Otty Langstroth
1948-1949	Robert James Lang
1949-1964	Hugh Grayson-Smith

1964-1967	Harry Schiff  
1967-1976	Jack T. Sample  
1973-1974	Ernest R. Kanasewich (Acting) 
1976-1980	W. John McDonald  
1980-[1985]	Abdul Naim Kamal  
[1985-1989]	George Leslie Cumming  
[1989]		Abdul Naim Kamal (Acting) 
1989-		Henry R. Glyde  

	Multiple media, 1917-1980, 0.56 m

 	Departmental committees	1968-1980

 	Examinations	1942-1973

 	Memoirs	1964
By Dr. Hugh Grayson-Smith, 1949-1964.

 	Photographs	1917-1967
Mainly military courses, 1941-1944.

See also: Department of Mathematics; Department of Radio and 
Television; Institute of Earth and Planetary Physics

Department of Psychology

This department has undergone a number of discipline permutations, beginning as the Philosophy and Psychology Department, then becoming the Philosophy, Psychology and Education Department in the 1920s, and finally being granted its own department in 1960. Spanning the Faculties of both Science and Arts, its research interests have recently lain mainly in the realm of experimental psychology. It is also associated with the Universityís interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Study in Theoretical Psychology.

1909-1945	John Malcolm MacEachran 
1945-1952	John Macdonald 
1952-1957	Douglas Elstow Smith 
1957-1960	Anthony Manuel Mardiros 
1960-1967	Joseph Russell Royce 
1967-1969	Thomas M. Nelson 

1969-[1986]	Thomas M. Nelson
1986-		Eugene C. Lechelt

	Text, 1939-1968, 0.01 m

 	Correspondence	1939-1941
J.M. MacEachran - D.E. Smith, on the Canadian Psychological 

 	Departmental history	1968
Covers the years 1909-1968.

See also: Faculty of Arts and Science; Faculty of Arts; J.R. 
Royce; J.M. MacEachran; Department of Educational Psychology; 
Faculty of Medicine; Faculty of Science

Department of Zoology

The Department is a centre of work in northern ecology and physiology, and has contributed to the study of teleost fish, reproductive physiology and behaviour, and the ecology of parasites. Research facilities include a departmental museum, biological stations throughout Alberta, biological stations and the Bamfield Marine Station on Vancouver Island in association with the Western Canadian Universities Marine Biological Society. The Department offers a program in palaeontology jointly with the Department of Geology.

1921-1956	William Rowan 
1956-1959	Richard Birnie Miller 
1958-1960	John Ralph Nursall (Acting)
1961-1964	Donald Murray Ross 
1964-1969	John Ralph Nursall 

1969		John Ralph Nursall
[1970-1974]	William A. Fuller
1974-1978	John Ralph Nursall
1978-1983	Fu-shiang Chia
1983-		Richard E. Peter

	Multiple media, 1923-1986, 1.26 m

 	Examinations	1975-1977

 	Photographs	[1949], 1975
Includes staff portraits; opening of Rowan Memorial Laboratory.

 	Publications	1923-1968

 	Reports	1952-1960
Alberta Biological Station research reports.

 	Sound recordings	1986
Memorial service for Professor D.M. Ross.

 	Tundra conference	[1968-1970]
Relates to the Conference on Productivity and Conservation in 
Northern Circumpolar Lands, Edmonton, 1969.

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Soper; Office of the Vice-President (Research); Faculty of