Academic, Administrative and Student Services

 Office of Budget and Statistics
 Campus Security
 Office of the Comptroller
  - Special Funds and Research Accounting
 Development Office
 Housing and Food Services
 Investment and Real Estate Office
 Museums and Collections Services
 Office of the Ombudsman
 Pensions and Benefits Administration
 Personnel Services and Staff Relations
 Planning and Development
 Office of Public Affairs
 Office of the Registrar
 Office of Research Services
 Student Services
  - Dean of Men
  - Dean of Women
  - Provost
  - Student Awards
  - Student Counselling Services
  - Student Services
  - University Athletic Board
  - University Health Services
 Technical Services
  - Department of Radio and Television
  - Photographic Services
 University Archives
 University Archives and Collections
 Univeristy Computing Services
 University Libraries
 Univeristy of Alberta Press

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