University of Alberta Archives: Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald
Administrator, Senator

Donald Cameron joined the Department of Extension in 1930.  
He received his MSc in agriculture from the University in 
1934, and in 1936 he was named head of the Banff School of 
Fine Arts.  In 1938, after two years in an Acting position, 
he became Director of the Department of Extension.  He was 
appointed to the Senate of Canada in 1955, and although he 
resigned from the Department of Extension in 1956, he 
continued as head of the Banff School until 1969.  He 
founded the Banff School of Advanced Management in 1952.  
Senator Cameron actively promoted adult education and the 
arts in Canada by sitting on the boards of several 
educational and artistic organizations.  It was during his 
directorship that the Banff School of Fine Arts achieved its 
world-wide renown.

Text, 1922-1983, 12.00 m   

Alberta. Royal Commission on Education, 1958, 1952-1961

Banff Centre/Banff Centre for Continuing Education, 1960-1973

Banff School of Advanced Management, 1952-1980

Banff School of Fine Arts, 1933-1981

Biographical materials, 1955-1970

Boards, Foundations, 1933-1983

Conferences, 1955-1975

Cooperatives, Credit Unions, 1922-1956

Correspondence - from groups, 1948-1980
Includes educational and arts groups; Canadian Broadcasting 

Correspondence - Personal, 1929-1981
Alphabetical files; includes family, business and real estate affairs.

Department of Extension, 1931-1959

Lectures, radio talks, 1932-1955

National parks, 1958-1973
Especially development in Banff.

Personal, 1930-1969
Includes daily journals; donations; honours; invitations;
memberships; travel; retirement, 1969.

Publications, 1933-1975
Includes articles; books, in manuscript and finished copies;
book reviews.

Senate of Canada, 1955-1983

Speeches, 1930-1973

Student records, 1927-1959
Includes Studentsí Union presidency, 1929/30; thesis, 1930; 
Zeta Psi Fraternity, 1950-1959.

University of Alberta, 1956-1970

University of Calgary, 1964-1973

Descriptive inventory available
Access: Restricted
See also: Faculty of Extension; Banff School of Fine Arts;
Banff School of Advanced Management