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May 25, 2000

The Reverend Professor Yurii Mytsyk:
John Kolasky Memorial Fellow (Fall 1999)

The recipient of the John Kolasky Memorial Fellowship for fall 1999 was the Reverend Professor Yurii Mytsyk, a well-known historian and specialist in the Cossack era. Father Mytsyk currently serves as chair of the Department of Political Science and History of the National University of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, and also as chair of the division of medieval and cossack era literary monuments of the Hrushevsky Institute of Archeography and Source Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He has a doctorate in history and is the author of 10 books, more than 350 scholarly articles and hundreds of journalistic pieces. Most recently, he has turned his attention to the study of the history of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and of interdenominational relations (both in the past and present).

Father Mytsyk spent much of his three-month stay in Canada (from October to December 1999) on archeographic-related work. During his work in archives and libraries of Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Mundare and Toronto, he was able to study unique materials on the history of Ukraine. Among these was a microfilm collection at CIUS containing the war diary of Prince Janusz Radziwill for 1649-52, which described events associated with the Cossack-Polish Wars in the Siverian region of Ukraine. In the course of his research work, Father Mytsyk also brought to light previously unknown documents of hetmans B. Khmelnytsky, I. Vyhovsky, I. Mazepa, Colonel M. Nebaba, Kyivan Metropolitan S. Kosiv, and others. In the consistory archive of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada in Winnipeg, Dr. Mytsyk was able to work in the archives of Metropolitan Ilarion (Ivan Ohiienko), where he examined some of Ilarion's correspondence with Ukrainian historians, writers and poets. In the Oseredok archive in Winnipeg, he came across the diary of Ivan Bobersky, in which he described the Ukrainian-Polish War of 1918-19.

During his stay in Canada, Father Mytsyk completed a manuscript on "The Uman Region in Cossack and Haidamaka Times", submitted for publication two articles on "Research in the Archive of Metropolitan Ilarion" and "Colonel Illia Holota and the Battle of Zahalii in 1649", and wrote some encyclopedia entries. He also gave a lecture in the CIUS seminar series on "The Khmelnytsky Revolt Revisited: An Insider's View on Current Polemics in Ukraine", and lectures on the current situation in Ukraine and interdemonational relations in Ukraine before Ukrainian community audiences in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Canora and Saskatoon.


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