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June 10, 2001

Peter Jacyk Centre Launches Ukrainian Translation of Ihor Ševcenko's Ukraine Between East and West

On 8 June 2001, the Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (University of Alberta) sponsored a book launch in Lviv of the Ukrainian translation of Ihor Ševcenko's collection of essays, Ukraine between East and West. The launch was co-sponsored by the Institute of Church History at the Lviv Theological Academy, which also co-sponsored the book's translation and publication. Professor Ševcenko's book was originally published by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press in 1996, and was the first volume to appear in the Jacyk Centre's English-language monograph series. The Ukrainian translation of the collection, titled Ukraïna mizh Skhodom i Zakhodom, is the third book to appear in the Jacyk Centre's Ukrainian-language series. The first was Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytsky's two-volume collection Istorychni ese (Historical Essays), followed by Zenon E. Kohut's book on the liquidation of the Hetmanate, Rosiis'kyi tsentralizm i ukraïns'ka avtonomiia. Likvidatsiia Het'manshchyny, 1760-1830 rr. The translation and publication of Ihor Ševcenko's book were made possible by a generous donation from the Teodor and Mahdalyna Butrej Fund of the Petro Jacyk Educational Foundation in Toronto.

Ukraine between East and West was translated into Ukrainian by Mariia Hablevych of Lviv and edited by Andrii Iasinovsky. It is a collection of essays based on a course of lectures in Ukrainian history delivered by Professor Ševcenko at Harvard University. Drawing on his superb expertise in the history of the Byzantine Empire and the Christian East in general, Professor Ševcenko puts Ukrainian cultural history of the medieval and early modern periods into broad perspective. He presents a new and intellectually provocative interpretation of the history of the church union in Ukraine, the origins of modern Ukrainian national identity, and Ukraine's relations with Russia, Poland, and, last but not least, Byzantium. The translation of Ihor Ševcenko's book into Ukrainian gives the younger generation of Ukrainian scholars and the public at large access to new historical methodologies and interpretations of Ukrainian history and culture.

The launch, held in the largest conference room of the Lviv Theological Academy, was well attended. It was opened by the rector of the Academy, Rev. Dr. Borys Gudziak, who shared his views on the importance of Professor Ševcenko's work and its Ukrainian translation. Professor Ševcenko, who attended the launch, spoke about the methodological foundations of his research and expressed his deep gratitude to his former students, Rev. Dr. Gudziak and Dr. Frank E. Sysyn, director of the Jacyk Centre, for their contributions to the publication of his book. The associate director of the Jacyk Centre, Dr. Serhii Plokhy, who was also present, congratulated Professor Ševcenko on the appearance of the translation and spoke of the impact of translations into Ukrainian of the most authoritative works on Ukrainian history published in the West. Opinions on the importance of the Ukrainian translation of Ukraine between East and West were shared by Academician Iaroslav Isaievych, Professors Iaroslav Dashkevych, Natalia Iakovenko, Myroslav Labunka, and others. At the conclusion of the launch, Professor Ševcenko was presented with the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Medal, awarded to him by the Shevchenko Scientific Society.

The launch of Ukraïna mizh Skhodom i Zakhodom and the interest it has generated in Ukraine underscores once again the importance of the Jacyk Centre's translation projects, which include translations not only from Ukrainian into English, but also into Ukrainian from English and other Western languages. It also makes clear the importance of community support for the Centre's initiatives, such as that evidenced by the Teodor and Mahdalyna Butrej Fund.

Both Ukraine between East and West and Ukraïna mizh Skhodom i Zakhodom are available from the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (English edition?paper $24.95, cloth $34.95; Ukrainian edition -- paper $24.95, cloth $34.95). To order, please call (780) 492-2972 or send your request to the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 450 Athabasca Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada T6G 2E8. E-mail: cius@ ; web site: Please add 7% GST. Outside Canada, prices are in US currency.

By: Serhii Plokhy, Associate Director, Peter Jacyk Centre





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