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December 3, 2001

Busy Fall for Ukrainian Canadian Programme

The summer and fall of 2001 have been a busy time for the Ukrainian Canadian Programme at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. While research on various aspects of the history of Ukrainians in Canada during the interwar period has been continuing through the combined efforts of Orest Martynowych, Andrij Makuch and Jars Balan, the UCP has likewise been involved with several initiatives designed to facilitate the further development of Ukrainian Canadian Studies. Besides assisting students at universities in Canada and abroad who are investigating a wide range of Ukrainian Canadian topics (from Paul Crath to the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association), the UCP has been actively encouraging greater cooperation between the Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies at the University of Manitoba, the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage at the University of Saskatchewan, and the Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Folklore at the University of Alberta. In conjunction with the latter endeavour, the program successfully launched a periodic email bulletin called Field Notes from Ukrainian Canada. Intended for scholars, students, and others who are interested in keeping abreast with the latest news in Ukrainian Canadian Studies, the internet newsletter is now being received by more than eighty subscribers.

So as to increase broader public awareness of the work of the Ukrainian Canadian Programme, co-directors Jars Balan and Andrij Makuch have likewise tried to be more visible at major Ukrainian community events while pursuing speaking engagements throughout Canada. Both took part in the national conference of the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation and the triannual gathering of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, held this October in Winnipeg. In early November Mr. Makuch made several presentations as a resource person for the Annual Convention of the Saskatchewan Teachers of Ukrainian in Saskatoon. At the same time, Mr. Balan took advantage of a trip to the West Coast to give a talk to the Ukrainian community of Victoria, British Columbia, and on 16-17 November attended a Youth Workshop organized by the Saskatchewan UCC at St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster.

Meanwhile, preparations are well underway for a UCP-sponsored conference scheduled to take place at the University of Alberta from 11-13 April. Titled "A Rock and a Hard Place: Ukrainians in Canada from the Great War to the Cold War," the gathering is intended to stimulate more research on Ukrainian Canadian life from 1924 to 1947.

For more information about the Ukrainian Canadian Programme, contact Jars Balan at or Andrij Makuch at Correspondence can also be directed to the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 4-50 Athabasca Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E8.




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