Centre for Political and Regional Studies

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About the Centre

Established in 2013 and housed within the CIUS, the Centre for Political and Regional Studies aims to support, promote, and disseminate research dealing with independent (post-1991) Ukraine from the perspective of the social sciences.  When fully operational, it will deliver a comprehensive programme of grants, scholarships, conferences, seminars, guest speakers, and publications.  The Centre will also encourage interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship.  Its long-term objective is to become the leading North American social science research hub exploring Ukraine’s developmental path, creating knowledge that will be relevant theoretically as well as in public policy terms.  It will serve as a vital link connecting social scientists in Ukraine with their counterparts in the West, providing access mutually beneficial to both.

In the interim, the Centre is headed by its Acting Coordinator, Dr. Bohdan Harasymiw, Professor Emeritus of Political Science of the University of Calgary; Dr. Taras Kuzio is research associate.




International Conference
October 16–17, 2014

Negotiating Borders: Comparing the Experience of Canada, Europe, and Ukraine

Recent events in Ukraine, part of which was annexed by Russia, while another part became a war zone indicated a severe crisis of the existing political architecture in Europe, with potentially wider international repercussions.

These events also indicated a glaring need for analysis of the past and the present history and dynamics of border relations, foreshadowing the future course of international and regional relations.

On October 16–17 2014, the Centre for Political and Regional Studies at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies will hold an international scholarly conference,... [more]