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The Hrushevsky Translation Project: History of Ukraine-Rus′

Volume 1 cover

Volume 1: From Prehistory to the Eleventh Century

Mkhailo Hrushevsky’s History of Ukraine-Rus′. Volume 1: From Prehistory to the Eleventh Century discusses the Ukrainian land and the people who inhabited it from the earliest times up to the formation of the Rus′ state and its Christianization. Hrushevsky examines the emergence of Rus′ civilization through the prisms of archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, and historical linguistics. He gives penetrating analyses of historical sources and pays special attention to the Primary Chronicle and the Normanist Controversy. The newly compiled … [more]

Volume 6 cover

Volume 6: Economic, Cultural, and National Life in the 14th to 17th Centuries

Volume 6 of Mykhailo Hrushevsky’s History of Ukraine-Rus′ focuses on life in Ukraine before the Cossack age of seventeenth century. The volume bears the broadly inclusive and telling subtitle of Economic, Cultural, and National Life in the 14th to 17th Centuries. It depicts life in Ukraine during the transitional Lithuanian-Polish period of its history. Presented here are the master historian’s discussion and analysis of economic life, society, political affairs, everyday life, culture, church history, interethnic relations, and national … [more]

Volume 7 cover

Volume 7: The Cossack Age to 1625

Mykhailo Hrushevsky’s History of Ukraine-Rus′. Volume 7: The Cossack Age to 1625 inaugurates the History’s subseries entitled “The History of the Ukrainian Cossacks”. It focuses on the history of the Ukrainian Cossacks from their origins in the fifteenth century to their rise as an important military, social, and political force in the first decades of the seventeenth century. Hrushevsky examines the early history of the Cossacks in the context of Ukrainian colonization of the steppe and the extensive social changes taking place on the … [more]

Volume 8 cover

Volume 8: The Cossack Age, 1626–1650

Mykhailo Hrushevsky’s History of Ukraine-Rus,' Volume 8: The Cossack Age, 1626–1650 deals with the period when the Cossacks’ emergence as a political power and the Khmelnytsky Uprising made Ukraine a focal point in European and Near Eastern affairs. Based on an exhaustive examination of the sources and scholarly literature, Hrushevsky’s volume 8 stands as the most comprehensive account of this dramatic period in Ukrainian history. Ukraine’s central role in the international politics of the time makes the volume important to specialists and … [more]

Volume 9 Book 1 cover

Volume 9, book 1: The Cossack Age, 1650–1653

No period in Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s hetmancy was as rich in international and dynastic plans as the years 1650 to 1653. After the Zboriv Agreement of 1649, when the hetman resolved to find a way to break forever with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, he set out to create the military and political conditions to achieve his goal. From Venice to Moscow the wily hetman spun his diplomatic and military plans. In his search for allies and in pursuit of his goal of establishing a political system that secured the Ukrainian Hetmanate, he looked … [more]

Volume 9 Book 2 Part 1 cover

Volume 9, book 2, part 1: The Cossack Age, 1654–1657

The ninth volume of Mykhailo Hrushevsky’s History of Ukraine-Rus′ is by far the longest in the ten-volume series. Written in the late 1920s, after Hrushevsky had returned to Ukraine from exile, the volume is based mainly on a wealth of documents gathered by Hrushevsky and his students in the Moscow archives. Many of these documents were little used or unknown to previous historians.The pivotal event in this part of the volume is the Pereiaslav Agreement of 1654, which brought Cossack Ukraine under a Muscovite protectorate. Needing military … [more]

Volume 9 Book 2 Part 2 cover

Volume 9, book 2, part 2: The Cossack Age, 1654–1657

This tome, in which Mykhailo Hrushevsky analyzes the last two years of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s rule, consists of the final chapters (10–13) of volume 9. Hrushevsky presents the most comprehensive discussion to date of Khmelnytsky’s foreign policy in the aftermath of the Treaty of Pereiaslav (1654), a topic closed to research in Soviet Ukraine from the 1930s to the 1980s. He also discusses Khmelnytsky’s renewed efforts to annex the western Ukrainian territories and to control the Belarusian lands conquered by the Cossacks. He concludes … [more]

Volume 10 cover

Volume 10: The Cossack Age, 1657–1659

Volume 10 covers most of the hetmancy of Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s successor, Ivan Vyhovsky (1657–59). Its three chapters constitute only the first part of the volume as Hrushevsky planned it. When he wrote them in 1929–30, the Soviet authorities in Moscow had begun their sweeping attack on Ukraine’s political and cultural autonomy, including an effort to enforce conformity on the historical profession. Arrested in March 1931, Hrushevsky was exiled to Moscow, where he worked mainly on his History of Ukrainian Literature. After the… [more]