APSE: A shallow wing or bay which is semi-circular in plan and usually roofed with a half-dome. In a church, the sanctuary is often located in an apse.

BASILICAN PLAN: A rectangular plan usually with an aisle along each of the long sides of the building and an apse at one end.

CHAPLET: A small chapel or prayer station.

CROSS-GABLE: Two intersecting gable roofs, the ridges of which form a cross.

CRUCIFORM PLAN: A cross-shaped building; in Ukrainian churches, a five-part design.

CUPOLA: A small dome.

DOME: A hemispherical roof; in Ukrainian churches, the shape is varied to the characteristic Baroque "onion" shape. Symbolizes the heavens.

FACADE: The main front of a building.

GABLE ROOF: A roof with two sloping surfaces and an inverted v-shaped cross-section.

HIPPED ROOF: A roof having a sloping surface instead of a vertical gable end. Often resembles a pyramid in shape.

ICONOSTASIS: Icon wall separating nave from sanctuary in many Eastern-rite churches; symbolizes the division between God and man (Ukrainian: ikonostas).

LINTEL: A horizontal beam or stone over a doorway or window.

NARTHEX: The antechamber to the nave where those not permitted to take part in the service may stand. In Ukrainian churches, it is usually located on the west end and is called a prytvor or babynets.

NAVE: The main part of a church where the congregation gathers to take part in the service. The large area between the narthex and the sanctuary (Ukrainian: khram virnykh or nava).

NINE-PART PLAN: The most complex Ukrainian church plan. An extension of the cruciform plan in which four additional areas -- one in each angle of the cross -- are included in the design.

PARAPET: A low wall projecting along the edge of a roof, which may be embellished or decorated.

SACRISTY: A room or rooms in a church in which ecclesiastical vestments and other related materials are kept; almost always attached to one or both sides of the sanctuary.

SANCTUARY: The area in a church in which the altar is located and the priest conducts the Mass; usually located at the east end of a Ukrainian church and occasionally separated from the nave by an iconostasis (Ukrainian: sviatylyshche or vivtar).

TRINITY WINDOW: A three-part window in which the central section is taller than those flanking it. The three windows symbolize the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

TRIPARTITE PLAN: A plan made up of three parts or units corresponding to the narthex, nave, and sanctuary. Abbreviated tripartite: same as the tripartite plan but without the narthex.

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