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12. St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orthodox Church
MORECAMBE approximately 3 miles east of Musidora on Highway 45, I mile north (NE 23-54-11-W4)

This is the only structure on the tour that was not originally built to be a church. It actually began as a school but was purchased by the parish in 1963 and remodelled. With the exception of the Orthodox cross on the front of the storm porch, there is no outward evidence of this being a Ukrainian house of worship. It has pointed windows and no domes, which suggests the presence of non-Ukrainian architectural influences when the remodelling took place.

Traditionally, one would enter a Ukrainian church at its west end and face east during the service. This was based on the belief that the faithful had chosen to leave the darkness of evil in the West and enter the road to Christ, who is called the "Light from the East" in the Holy Scriptures. St. John's, however, is one of several examples on the tour in which the worshipping congregation faces west, indicating that this tradition was not always followed.

St. John the Baptist Parish was founded early in the century and was Russo-Orthodox at the outset. This building replaced the original 1913 church, which had been destroyed by fire.

There is a cemetery in the churchyard.