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15. St. Paroskovia Ukrainian Orthodox Church
DOWNING from Holy Ascension at Wasel: 1 1/2 miles north, 1 mile east, 2 miles north, 4 miles east,1/4 mile south (NW 23-58-14-W4)

Built in the mid-1920s, this modest church is a stylization of earlier churches, such as the one at Wasel (though without the large central drum), built by many Bukovynian settlers. Like its architectural predecessors, it is a tripartite structure with a relatively larger central unit. There is a small open central dome and two small cupolas located over the narthex and sanctuary. The worshipping congregation faces east, as is usual, but this church is one of a very few on the tour with neither round-headed windows nor an enclosed storm porch.

The first church service at St. Paroskovia's was held in 1924. There is a large wooden belltower and a cemetery adjacent to the church.