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18. Holy Trinity Russo-Orthodox Church
SMOKY LAKE from St. Pokrova's at Edward: I mile south, 7 miles west; immediately north of the town of Smoky Lake (SE 28-59-17-W4)

The first Holy Trinity Russo-Orthodox Church, 1904-28 (Photo courtesy of the Provincial Archives of Alberta)

Constructed in 1928, Holy Trinity is one of a handful of cruciform churches built by Harry Holowaychuk in the 1920s and 1930s. The structure is typical of that period, with its open central dome, round-headed windows, and storm porch. This particular building also has sacristies attached to the east corners of the north and south exterior elevations and smaller, closed domes over the narthex and sanctuary.

The second Holy Trinity Church, 1928
(Photo courtesy of the Provincial Archives of Alberta)

The present church is actually the parish's second. The parish was established in 1904, with the first church built shortly thereafter. Structurally, it was similar to the Holy Ascension Church at Wasel: it had a tripartite plan shape and a small closed dome situated on a large central drum. In 1928, the original Holy Trinity Church burned down and the present one was built on the site. A progression from simple to more complex and sophisticated design features can be seen in the construction of the successive church buildings.

Holy Trinity Church stands adjacent to the largest Ukrainian cemetery in the settlement area. In front of the building is a combination parish hall and belltower. Built in 1904, the belltower is original (see photograph) while the hall was added sometime later.