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19. St. Paraskevia Ukrainian Catholic Church
COSSACK from Holy Trinity at Smoky Lake: 8 miles north on S.R. 855,1 mile west (SW 4-61-17-W4)

St. Paraskevia's is the most northerly Ukrainian church in the settlement area. Built in 1930 by carpenter Harry Stocky, it is another of several instances in which early-period design features were used in a relatively modern structure. It has a tripartite plan shape and its roof has obvious similarities to the style evident in the original Holy Trinity Church at Smoky Lake and the Holy Ascension Church at Wasel.

This structure is the parish's second church. The first was a log chapel built by local craftsman Adam Holowaychuk in 1913, a year after the parish had been founded. It was then rebuilt in 1930 and the original log chapel removed. Reverend Phillip Ruh, who had arrived in the area only recently, was the first parish priest.

The interior of St. Paraskevia's is highlighted by an iconostasis that was added after the church was built. While the church's walls were painted by the craftsman Mr. Matiash soon after the building was completed, the iconostasis was not painted until sometime in the early 1960s.

An old wooden belltower is situated to the northwest of the church, while the cemetery is beside it. to the north.