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6. Grotto: "Golgotha of Mundare"
MUNDARE Sawchak Street, north of 50 Street

This fascinating structure is designed so that the faithful can visit in order to pray and meditate privately. Although it has a main outdoor altar that is occasionally used to celebrate Mass, the Grotto is essentially a combination of chaplets, prayer stations, and catacombs designed to convey and emphasize the element of mysticism in the Ukrainian Catholic religion. The idea to build the Grotto was conceived by Reverend P. Bodnar. Construction began in 1932, with the Basilians actively taking part in the project. It took approximately a decade to complete. Constructed from a combination of fieldstone, masonry, and concrete, the Grotto is crowned by an 8.5 metre steel cross that lights up the night sky. Much of the Grotto's beauty stems from the carefully-tended vines and shrubs that drape and surround it.

"Golgotha of Mundare" is situated in a large, picturesque yard immediately north of the Basilian monastery. An inscription on the front reads, "Holy Martyr Josaphat, pray for our people."