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7. St. Jacob Russo-Orthodox Church
BEAVER LAKE 2 1/2 miles north, I mile west, Y. mile north of Mundare (SE l-S4-17-W4)

This is the oldest church on the tour. It was built in 1901-2 by local craftsman Conrad (Kondrat) Sheremeta. Unlike the previous three churches, St. Jacob's is based on a tripartite (three-part) plan, as opposed to the later and more architecturally sophisticated cruciform plan. However, all the essential elements of the Ukrainian style are still clearly present: the onion domes on octagonal bases, the round-headed windows, and the clear-cut spatial organization of narthex-nave-sanctuary. Note that the belfry situated on top of the narthex is an integral part of the church's structure, whereas for the vast majority of settlement area churches it is a separate building altogether. The crosses on the domeare different from those on the previous three churches. Those on St. Jacob's have three cross-pieces intersecting the vertical arm, which usually indicates it is an Orthodox church, while the others have a single cross-piece, indicating the Catholic faith.

St. Jacob's was thoroughly renovated in 1942, including the application of stucco to the exterior. The interior is adorned with hung icons, in contrast to those painted directly onto the walls, as are Lipinski's.

The parish has been Russo-Orthodox from its inception. The first priest was Reverend Jacob Korchinsky.