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8. St. John the Baptist Russo-Orthodox Church ("Farus' Church")
MOLODEIA from St. Jacob's: 1 3/4 miles north, 6 miles north on Secondary Road (S.R.) 855 (SW 22-55-16-W4)

Perched on a rolling hill and partially hidden from roadway view is St. John the Baptist Church or, as the locals call it, "Farus' Church" (so named after the original owner of the land on which the church is situated). The parish was incorporated in 1904 and the church was built three years later by a local German carpenter, Valentine Hennig.

The church's tripartite plan shape points to its early construction date, as does the closed dome and the absence of a choir loft, both of which required sophisticated construction methods that were not yet readily available. The octagonal-based domes and round-headed windows are typical of rural Ukrainian churches. In Russo-Orthodox churches, Mass is celebrated in an ancient language known as Church Slavonic, while in the Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox churches, Mass is usually conducted in Ukrainian or, less frequently, English.

The church's interior has been thoroughly renovated over the years, including the addition of wood panelling. A cemetery and wooden belltower stand adjacent to the structure.