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Field Notes from Ukrainian Canada

The quarterly Field Notes from Ukrainian Canada have been published electronically since the beginning of 2005 by Jars Balan and Andrij Makuch of the CIUS’s Kule Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies (formerly the Ukrainian Canadian Program). They provide regular updates on events, individuals, publications, and resources related to Ukrainian-Canadian studies. The newsletter also includes occasional “Feature” articles on relevant topics. Popular with Ukrainian Canadian specialists, genealogists and others with a broad interest in the Ukrainian experience in Canada, the Field Notes are now being posted to some 400 subscribers.

Below you can find the full complement of the Field Notes published to date. Note that the annual cycle starts with the “Winter” issue of any given year. Under the link to each issue, we have provided some comments about notable items found in the contents.

If you would like to become a subscriber and receive future Field Notes by email, please send a request to: Jars Balan.

Vol 8, no 3-4 (Spring-Fall 2012)

  • “Taking the Gown to Town” conference
  • Tributes to Maara Haas and Mary Skrypnyk

Vol 8, no 2 (Spring 2012)

  • Kobzar Literary Award 2012 details—Shandi Mitchell recipient
  • Andrew Suknaski obituary

Vol 8, no 1 (Winter 2012)

  • Christmas by the Julian calendar in the Canadian press

Vol 7, no 4 (Fall 2011)

  • “Becoming Ukrainians” conference programme
  • “Ukrainians in Winnipeg” project (Orest Martynowych)

Vol 7, no 3 (Summer 2011)

  • Embassy of Ukraine in Canada “120th Anniversary” of settlement train trip project
  • Dmytriw’s “From Halifax to Winnipeg”

Vol 7, no 2 (Spring 2011)

  • Pier 21 Project description

Vol 7, no 1 (Winter 2011)

  • Ukrainian-Canadian immigration statistics, 2000–2009 (links)
  • Last Words: Press accounts of Ukrainian-Canadian theatre audience behaviour

Vol 6, no 3 [4] (Fall 2010)

  • John Yaremko tribute
  • Feature: John Hawkes, The Story of Saskatchewan and its Peoples, vol 2 (1924) (excerpt from chapter “Galicians and Bukowinians”)

Vol 6, no 2 [3] (Summer 2010)

  • “Courses in Ukrainian-Canadian Studies” (at Canadian universities)
  • Feature: Michael Gowda correspondence in Svoboda, 1901 (trans Jars Balan)

Vol 6, no 1 [nos 1-2] (Winter-Summer 2010)

  • Feature: Nestor Dmytriw, “Easter in Canadian Ruthenia” (trans Jars Balan)

Vol 5, no 4 (Fall 2009)

  • Ukrainian Famine accounts in the Canadian press, 1933
  • Feature: Jars Balan, “Project Prosvita – Building Ukrainian Libraries Around the World.”

Vol 5, no 3 (Summer 2009)

  • Feature: John-Paul Himka, “Researching Ukrainian Sacral Culture in Eastern Europe and in the Canadian Prairies: Some Preliminary Reflections.”

Vol 5, no 2 (Spring 2009)

  • Listing of Ukrainian-Canadian courses at Canadian universities, 2009–2010
  • Feature: Sava Chernetsky, “Only the Kalyna” (translated by Jars Balan)

Vol 5, no 1 (Winter 2009)

  • Extensive “Publications” and “This and That” sections
  • Sigmund Bychynsky story “The Salvation Army” (1906, translated by Jars Balan)

Vol 4, no 4 (Fall 2008)

  • “Round-Up from the Centres” in Canada that deal with Ukrainian-Canadian studies
  • Myroslav Irchan poem “In Snowy Canada (1926, translated by Jars Balan)

Vol 4, no 3 (Summer 2008)

  • Listing of “ Master’s or Doctoral Theses on Ukrainian-Canadian (or Related) Topics Recently Completed at Canadian Universities” (update to Vol 1, no 2)
  • Michael Gowda poem “To Canada” (1903)

Vol 4, no 2 (Spring 2008)

  • Feature: Andrij Makuch, “Ukrainians in the 2006 Canadian Census”

Vol 4, no 1 (Winter 2008)

  • Feature: Lisa Grekul reading(s) from 2008 Kobzar Literary Award ceremonies

Vol 3, no 4 (Fall 2007)

  • Feature: Roman Petryshyn, “15 Years of Canadian Projects in Ukraine”

Vol 3, no 3 (Summer 2007)

  • Announcement of a major donation by Drs. Peter and Doris Kule, and the reconfiguration of the UCP as the Kule Centre for Ukrainian Canadian Studies
  • Listing of “Ukrainian-Canadian courses at Canadian universities, 2007–2008”
  • Update on the Ukrainian Diaspora Studies Initiative and Ukrainians Abroad: News and Views

Vol 3, no 2 (Spring 2007)

  • Updates “From the Centres” in Canada that deal with Ukrainian-Canadian studies
  • Feature: Bohdan Medwidsky, “ On Zenon Pohorecky and the 'Slobs vs. Snobs' Discussion”

Vol 3, no1 (Winter 2007)

  • Feature: Jars Balan, “The Story of Kalyna Country”

Vol. 2, no 4 (Fall 2006)

  • Feature: Roman Petryshyn, “Foreward” to Manoly Lupul’s The Politics of Multiculturalism: A Ukrainian-Canadian Memoir

Vol. 2, no 3 (Summer 2006)

  • Listing of “Ukrainian-Canadian courses at Canadian universities, 2006–2007”
  • Feature: Andrij Makuch, “Comments on Future Developments in Ukrainian-Canadian Studies”

Vol. 2, no 2 (Spring 2006)

  • “Conferences” section notes the impressive participation of Ukrainian Canadianists at the 2006 Canadian Association of Slavists conference
  • Feature: Myron Momryk reflections, “Ukrainian Archives at Library and Archives Canada”

Vol 2, no 1 (Winter 2006)

  • “Conferences” section notes that an unprecedented three “diaspora” conferences were to be held in Ukraine in the near future
  • Updates “From the Centres” in Canada that deal with Ukrainian-Canadian studies

Vol. 1, no 4 (Fall 2005)

  • Listing of “Academic Courses On or Including Ukrainian Canadian Topics”
  • Listing of “Centres for the Study of the Ukrainian Diaspora”

Vol. 1, no 3 (Summer 2005)

  • Extensive listing of “Conferences,” including a call for papers for the UCP’s forthcoming “Cossack Cowboys: The Ukrainian Experience in Alberta” event
  • Addendum to the “Master’s and Doctoral Theses” list from the Spring 2005 edition of the “Field Notes”

Vol. 1, no 2 (Spring 2005)

  • Updates from several Canadian centres that deal (at least in part) with Ukrainian-Canadian studies
  • Listing of “Recent Master’s or Doctoral Theses on Ukrainian-Canadian (or Related) Topics Completed at Canadian Universities”

Vol. 1, no 1 (Winter 2005)

  • Information about several major Ukrainian museums in Canada
  • Obituaries for Michael Marunchak and Michael Ewanchuk
  • Feature: Bohdan Klymasz, “Crucial Problems in Ukrainian Canadian Studies Today”