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Site Specific Information for NSWC Mathematics Subroutine Library:

The NSWC Mathematics Subroutine Library is a collection of Fortran 77 routines specializing in numerical mathematics. It was collected and developed by the:

   Computing Systems and Networks Division 
   Strategic and Space Systems Department
   U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center
   Dahlgren Division, Dahlgren Virginia 22448-5000

This software is made available, without cost, to the general scientific community. The 1993 edition is an update of the 1990 edition.

NSWC has made every effort to include only reliable, transportable, reasonably efficient and easy-to-use code in this library. They have thoroughly tested all the routines on a variety of machines ranging from supercomputers to PCs.


  1. The source code and an "Intro" file is available via a local web directory:
     Directory list of NSWC Fortran Source
  2. Located in the following AFS directory is the compressed Fortran source. File: nswc.f.Z


  3. A compiled library version of NSWC is available on all CNS's research machines:
    It is invoked on the Numerical Server in the following fashion:
    num% xlf -O -o userprog -lnswc usersource.f
    num% userprog
  4. Users Guide is available: nsws.pdf

For more information contact:
Web Site:
Revised: July, 2011.