Geo-counter Comment on "Last 20 users" feature

A Geo-counter user writes:
She has valid points. That's why I give page builders the opportunity of using &font:Hidden

And, I mention in the documentation "last 20 users" etc, are optional, and for sites that get a lot of traffic, virtually ignored/useless anyway.

You certainly don't have to include "last n users" on your page, and you will still have access to that information - you can type the Counter script url "&20" or "&30" anytime/anywhere, or get to that info from the housekeeping pages.

Of course, the &20 capability ALWAYS exists, even for the end-user, but the user will have to know to manually type in the url&20.

This leads to the point of "anonyminity on the net" - total false sense of security. Too many people know who you are, and where you've been. My program just makes that blatantly obvious --- perhaps TOO blantatly obvious.

I'm with your customer. Yank the "see last 20 users" business from the page, and "save it for yourself" on separate housekeeping pages.