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FAQ #17

... it puts ALL the rest of the FAQs to shame!!! FAQ-wannabes!!! N[early]F[requently]A[sked]Q[uestions]!!!


I tried to register for a counter - I completed the registration form
correctly (no corrections were suggested), but the message returned was
"no more counters can be issued"


Answer 1:

Go to



Rebuttal 1:
But I am a U of A [staff, student] - I'm just trying to do this from my computer at [work, my friend's house, Texas, insert some foreign machine ISP here, etc, etc, ...]


Answer 2:
What did http://www.ualberta.ca/htbin/whoami return?

If it did not return "ualberta", you can't use the counter program.

Go to a machine that authenticates as "ualberta". [example: one of the LABS]

OR, set up a proxy server to authenticate your desktop as a UofA client: http://www.ualberta.ca/CNS/PROXY/


If you are using an on-campus machine that does not return "ualberta" (maybe only numbers), then it has been set up wrong! -- see your local area administrator.


Rebuttal 2:
Geez, Geo. You should have made that more clear.

But I want to STAY AT HOME and do this. Now what?


Answer 3:
Go to http://www.ualberta.ca/CNS/PROXY/, which will explain how you can set your browser so that you are identified as an on-campus machine.


Rebuttal 3:




FAQ #0

---> See also FAQ 10
Q 1: Resetting Counters, Listed URL Names, changing listed URLS, "Stolen" Counters
  1. My homepage has recently relocated from one place to another. And I notice that the log is still showing my old homepage path in the "tail log" report.
  2. And there are other URLs listed.
  3. Has someone else "stolen" my counter?
  4. I could not figure out how to change it to my new path without opening up an new log.
A 1:
Q 3: Why not send TEXT rather than a graphic? A 3:
Q 5: Showing USER'S NAMES in the log A 5:
Q 6: I registered, but still can't control "my counter" A 6:
Q 7: I try at all hours, but I still get the message "You can't register at this time" A 7:
Q 8: I get the error message "This site can't use Geo counter" A 8:
Q 9: I used the &ignore feature, but my domain still shows up in the "last 20 users" log, how come?

A 9: Because of two things:

  1. You didn't read the notes, or
  2. You didn't count up to 10.

Q 10: Gee, George. You perform miracles! I MUST use your counter, because none of the others can keep track of the last N users. Couldn't you PLEASE release your code?

A 10: NO.

Q 11: What password do you need and why do you need it? I'm just a little apprehensive about that.

... Also, why isn't the password blanked out?

A 11:

Q 12: I already have a counter in action, but now I want to change it to a registered one

A 12:

Q 13: I access my web page via a service that uses dynamic addressing, thus &ignore can't find me. Is there a way to ignore a RANGE of addresses, for example &ignore:async*.remote.ualberta.ca

A 13:

Q 14: I used the offset feature in housekeeping, and now my reference per day are so high, Geo-counter want me to remove the counter

A 14:

Q 15: I'm registered user, but I don't see any "INSPECT" button in housekeeping

A 15:

Q 16: It was working before, and now it's not. It used to display a proper count now it: What happened?

A 16: