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George Carmichael, University of Alberta


This program will only work for University of Alberta home pages. If you are not a local user, you'll have to try a search at yahoo to find a guestbook program.

Generic Guestbook program.

Use this program to build a comment log/guest book that visitors to your page can fill out.

This program was built because of numerous requests based on the generic CGI submissions policy.

How to use:

The Generic Approach:

  1. Log into your gpu id, and build a subdirectory that must be called ~/public_html/COMMENTS/
  2. Permit the directory READ, WRITE and LOOKUP to httpd:
  3. Create the file Guestbook.html under that subdirectory:
  4. From your web home page, add the following command:
      <a href="">
        Sign my guest book!</a>

The Customized Approach

Geo-guest was designed to be as flexible in as many areas as possible. You can build your own form, with as many fields, questions, or comment fields as you like in it. In addition, you can have several different forms that attach the results to the same file.

You can also make the results of forms go into different guest logs, by specifying special fields in your form. That way, you can have as many different comment files under your id as you have web pages.

The only stipulations are:

  1. that the guestbooks will all be under the subdirectory ~/public_html/COMMENTS/
  2. only pages from your id are allowed to point at these comment files. (That way, security can be ensured)

To customize a form:

  1. Request a generic guestbook first, ie:
  2. view source
  3. Change as many of the fields as you like
  4. Save as a new html file (call it whatever you like) under your web (public_html) subdirectory (but NOT under the COMMENTS subdirectory, which should be reserved for the RESULTS!!)

Special Customized Field Attributes:

Make these fields hidden:

Highly recommended fields
These puppies will help with navigation and prompts to your visitors:

These optional fields do (way too) fancy things:


HIDDEN fields with embedded HTML code

Customizing your Guestbook's output appearance

The first time an entry goes into the guestbook, Geo-guest will build default headers, with a magic imagemap to navigate back and forth. After it is built, you can go in and change anything you like, as long as you do not change the "header " that indicates the start of the first comment. That header looks like this: Also, you can change anything you like after the following line near the end of the file: You may want to add different <BODY> attributes, etc to make the Guestbook's appearance match the rest of your pages, for example.

Splash Icon

I've even built this cute(?) splash icon ( you can add to your page, like so:
  <a href="">
 <img border=0 alt=" " src=""></a>
... So it will end up looking like this:


Feb 29/96: Mar 6/96: Mar 13/96: Jun 4/96:


This is a work in progress.

I welcome comments, but ironically, NOT via a guestbook. I prefer to screen comments via EMAIL, and then generate FAQs. If you'd like to enter "guestbook"-like comments for me, do so via my Home Page

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