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There is no easy way
out of this
You must grab your grief
in your hands
and look it
square in the eye
Then shake it
until all you don't need
falls away
and what you are left with
is the part you will hold
in your arms
and pull close to you
right next to the place
where your little one smiled.

(Heart Place by Deborah R. Gemmill)

Betty Clark Brooks Bunting Alvina Mechalchuk Cheryl Dombroski Darren Kotylak Carla Pike-Schainholz
Julie Arnason

Is No Accident

David Leckie
Michelle Hamilton MacLeod-Wagensveld
Chris Scarfe Scott Fernets
Graham Godberson Tammy Hodgess Ron Haston Iris Haston Susna Haston Leanne Palylyk

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