Excavatio. International Review for Multidisciplinary Approaches and Comparative Studies Related to Emile Zola and Naturalism Around the World is the scholarly journal of the Association internationale Zola et Naturalisme (AIZEN).

Excavatio is a refereed journal published twice a year. Open to professors, doctoral candidates, and independent scholars with an earned doctorate, it is dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly essays on literature, comparative and cultural studies, art and film studies related to Émile Zola, naturalism, naturalist writers or artists, naturalism and cinema, and the influence or reception of such works. It also serves as a forum for research in progress.

As the voice of AIZEN, this international journal contributes to the rapid diffusion of research by publishing promptly the best papers presented at the association's conferences. Papers from the conference, however, must be entirely recast as full-length articles and submitted to peer review. Presentation of a paper at the conference in no way guarantees publication in Excavatio.