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Updated: August 22, 2009

Please Note: 
The club is NOT currently flying and not offering passenger ride.  
Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a club member. 
(address is at the bottom of this page) 

The Edmonton Balloon Club, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, invites you to share the experience of hot air ballooning!  Go for a flight, be part of the team, learn how to fly!

The Edmonton Balloon Club has been the centre of ballooning in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada since it's formation in 1973.  Numerous balloonists in Edmonton had their first ballooning experiences with the club and many have gone on to purchase their own balloons, become commercial balloonists or be active in other ballooning organizations in Canada.

Meeting New People

Balloons don't get into the air by themselves! Each balloon needs a ground crew of able and willing people. Besides your team-mates, you'll meet pilots, passengers, landowners and a host of curious onlookers, all fascinated by those colourful balloons!

Club members do more than send balloons up in the air. The Edmonton Balloon Club holds a meeting each month to discuss club business and all aspects of the sport. The active social committee plans parties and other special events for all members and their friends. Your participation is all it takes.

Up, Up and Away

Balloon club members delight in their responsibilities as ground crew. Nothing creates a greater atmosphere of accomplishment, camaraderie and cooperation than being part of the team! The action starts at the launch site by unloading the balloon envelope and basket. As you spread out the yards of colourful fabric and hold open the mouth of the balloon, another crew member will position the large fan needed to blow cool air inside. The pilot heats the air using a burner fueled by liquid propane. As the air warms, and the balloon assumes an upright position, another crew member steadies it by holding the crown line which is attached to the top of the balloon. The passengers are invited aboard, and as the balloon slips away from the ground, the crew prepares for the chase! You may be asked to drive the chase vehicle, or may prefer to sit back and enjoy the ride. Keep the balloon insight, though! The pilot will need you to retrieve the balloon when it lands.

Once everyone has assisted in packing up the balloon, the champagne appears and a 200 year old tradition is celebrated.

Learn to Fly

Since its beginning in 1973, the Edmonton Balloon Club has expanded from a handful of participants to an active membership, many of whom are pilots.

Balloons are flown by pilots licensed by the Transport Canada who have undergone a medical examination and have fulfilled the training requirements. The Edmonton Balloon Club offers flight training to interested individuals at reasonable rates. Call for more information.


The Edmonton Balloon Club participates in competitive events held locally as well as nationally. Some club members become involved in an organizational capacity, others act as event officials, while others join in the more competitive aspect by flying or chasing a balloon. Tall tales abound at social activities organized for balloon enthusiasts.

Fly With Us

The club does not offer any commercial services at this time.

Join Us!

Contact Information

The Edmonton Balloon Club
c/o Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society
11410 Kingsway Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5G 0X4

For more information contact:
Alex Nagorski at