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Club Ride and Price Information

Updated: February 9, 2005

In order to raise operating funds and purchase new balloon and equipment the Edmonton Balloon Club does offer some commercial services.  These include balloon tethers and pilot training.

Passenger Rides

The club does NOT offer passenger rides. 

Balloon Tethers
The club does balloon tethers for public displays, commercial attractions and rides.   A tether is when the balloon is tied to the ground and rises approximately 80-90 feet in the air (measured from basket to the ground). This is a great way to attract attention or  provide a unique experience to those attending an event. 

Conditions required for a successful tether:

  1. Very good weather conditions (winds less than 5 mph, no moisture).  Generally the best conditions for flying or tethering balloons are in early mornings or late evenings and the success factor for day time tethers during the summer are about 20%.
  2. An area the size of a small baseball diamond clear of any obstacles. Grass field is ideal.
  3. The ability to drive in 3 vehicles to anchor the tethered balloon to.
  4. Good crowd control for safety and organization of rides.


Booking fee $50 (in advance)
Show up fee * $100
First hour or part of ** $325
Each additional hour or part of $125
Out of town mileage $1.00 per km

* Not refundable if balloon and crew show up but weather will not permit a successful tether
** Charge applies when balloon is inflated and standing up


  1. The balloon pilot is the final authority on whether the tether can be completed safely in the weather conditions at the time.
  2. Prior to coming out to the tether, the pilot will talk with the organizations contact to see if weather conditions will permit a tether attempt. 
  3. If both the pilot and contact decide that the weather is reasonable then the balloon and crew will show up and show up fee is applied.
  4. If the pilot attempts an inflation and makes the balloon stand up then the rate for the first hour is applied. 
  5. If weather does not permit the safe operation balloon the tether will be stopped.

Pilot Flight Training

The Edmonton Balloon Club provides training for individuals wishing to obtain a balloon pilot license.  To obtain a balloon pilot license you must:

  • Pass a Class 3 Category Medical
  • Ten hours of ground school
  • Pass two Transport Canada Examinations (Regulations and balloon oriented)
  • Complete a minimum of 16 hours flight training. Note: that depending on the students progress and skills it may require more than the minimum of flight hours.


  • $150 per hour plus balloon propane and chase vehicle gas costs
  • Rate includes: instructor, balloon, chase vehicle and balloon crew.

Training area: Sherwood Park, Alberta

Please contact the club and discuss the flight training requirement and what we can provide.

Ballooning Presentations

The Edmonton Balloon Club does balloon presentations which includes slides, videos and miniature balloon demonstrations.  These can be given as presentations to other clubs or schools and can be tailored to the audience whether young or old.  General length can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour depending upon the audience and detail presented.


  • Presentation: $25 (includes gas expenses if in Edmonton area)
  • Use of miniature balloon will be an additional $15

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