Satya Sai Gajapathi

Satya Sai Gajapathi joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta as a Master student since September 2009. He is working on modelling heat transfer process in electron beam micro-welding under the supervision of Prof. Sushanta K. Mitra and Prof. Patricio F. Mendez.

Satya has received his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India in 2009. He has worked in the Thermodynamics and Combusion Lab of IIT-Kharagpur and CFD lab of IIT-Kanpur, on simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer phenomenon, as an Intern during his engineering. His areas of interest are Heat Transfer and modelling of multiphysics phenomena.

Satya enjoys playing cricket and badminton. He also loves to play Chess and solve Sudoku.

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