Jordan Tsui

Originally from Saskatchewan, Jordan Tsui came to the University of Alberta in 2009 to pursue a BSc. in Materials Engineering. He was involved with the CCWJ lab during his undergraduate doing two Dean's Research Awards exploring the effects of shielding gas on hydrodynamic instabilities in molten metal during welding. Time spent in the lab allowed him a unique opportunity to learn how to use the welding robot, and connect theory with real life examples which peaked his interest for research. He completed his undergraduate degree with first-class standing in 2012 and has joined the CCWJ as a MSc. student working under Dr. Patricio Mendez.

Jordan's project is a collaboration with numerous Canadian universities to determine the structure-property-processing-fatigue performance relationships needed to develop affordable light-weight Mg allow wheel manufacturing. He will determine FSW parameters and look at relationships between process conditions for optimized microstructure in the joint. In addition, he will perform experimental studies and asymptotic scaling for the development of engineering tools to predict coupled heat transfer and plastic deformation in Friction Stir Welding (FSW). The goal of his project will be to generalize defect maps for FSW for a variety of metal alloys.

When Jordan is not in the lab, he can be found building and overclocking computers, playing paintball or powerlifting.

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