Julien Chapuis

Dr. Julien Chapuis joined the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining at the University of Alberta in September 2011. He is currently a Post doctoral fellow supervised by Prof Patricio F. Mendez.

Julien holds his PhD and M.S degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Montpellier (France). Before joining the University of Alberta, he was PhD student (2007-2010) and a temporary assistant of research and teaching (2010-2011) into the welding group of University of Montpellier (France). Before then, he was an apprentice engineer (2004-2007) in R&D centre of welding technology in Air Liquide Welding (France). During his engineering schooling (Polytech'Montpellier / Air Liquide Welding), he specialized in the arc welding processes by studying the development of shielding gases, the study of metal transfer with GMAW in controlled short circuit and the development of plasma torch with reverse polarity for direct current welding of light alloys. Subsequently during his PhD thesis, Julien has developed a unique multi-physics experimental setup in France, and probably unique in the world. Also he contributed to development of open source library to investigate multiphysics experiments. The goals of his research are to enrich the understanding of coupled welding physics, validate numerical simulation, and monitor welding processes. In the CCWJ lab, Julien is working on the calorimetry of droplets in GMAW, and to integrate coding to analyze high speed video of arc welding processes, and on setting up an experimental database for the team.

Julien likes spending time with his wife and his son. Also, he has some hobbies like DH biking, motorbiking, hiking and playing squash.


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