Shahrukh Islam

Shahrukh Islam is currently completing his third year of a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. He became involved with the Canadian Center for Welding and Joining first during the Winter Term of 2013 as a recipient of the Dean's Research Award, and then continued his work full-time in the summer of 2013 through a University of Alberta funded research position. He has received the Dean's Research Award a second time for the Fall Term of 2013, and has continued to work with the lab.

Shahrukh's work involves Mathematical Modelling and Scaling Analysis of complex welding problems through. His findings have translated into him working with Gentry Wood as lead author of a Peer-Reviewed Research Paper, which is set to be submitted in the Fall of 2013.

Shahrukh is passionate about music and soccer. As a bass guitar player, he took part in the Faculty of Engineering Geer Week Battle of the Bands 2013. He also played in the University of Alberta Intramural Soccer Tournament.

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