Ivan Le Gall

Ivan currently studies materials engineering in engineering school in Nantes (Polytech Nantes, France). He began his internship in CCWJ in May 2013. During his summer internship, he will accompany Steven Borle in his current research. His research is on chromium-carbide overlays (CCOs) using SAW (Submerged Arc Welding). Ivan plans to investigate the influence of SAW settings on the wear properties of CCOs.

Outside of his study, Ivan likes to hang out with friends and have a couple of good beers and also participate in music festivals. When he has time, he likes to play sports such as soccer, swimming, etc. In addition to that, Ivan likes to travel and learn about other cultures. In September 2013, he will go back to France for his last year of study in which he will specialize in welding.

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