Optimization of CrC Overlay Production and Wear Performance

This research is examining the application of Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) to produce chromium carbide overlays (coatings). Overlays are used to extend the service life of a component by adding a wear resistant layer to of the surface of a cheaper and tougher base material. These coatings are used in a number of industries such as agriculture, mining, and oil and gas. Specific examples of their use include bed liners in mining equipment and sizing screens used in oil sand production.

The first step of this research is to examine the solidification sequence of these alloys and determine how this affects the microstructure and mechanical properties of the overlays. This will be accomplished using isothermal projections of liquids lines from ternary diagrams to understand the equilibrium solidification path occurring. Along with this the modeling program Thermo-Calc will be employed to examine the Scheil solidification model. Using the equilibrium method every possible microstructure can be determined, while the Scheil solidification gives a closer indication of the actual microstructure.

After this the possibilities for increasing the performance of these alloys will be examined. This will be accomplished by examining the effects of changing the composition of the alloys. A study of alternative welding processes will be carried out to determine any potential to increase productivity. Through the research we hope to expand the understanding of Cr-C overlays and develop a clear and concise method for optimizing welding overlays.

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