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  Beginning of each Class. 3 Questions in 1 Minute. Answers are 1 to 3 words.
Questions drawn from the Midterm & Final Exam Preparation Lists (Below).
  2 mins Notes Class, pages xi to xvi  
  Quiz 1      
  Quiz List of Categories      
  3 mins Notes Class, page ix  
  Midterm Exam      
  Fill-in-the-Blanks & Multiple Choice Questions      
  2 mins    
  Midterm Exam Letter      
  Letter to Dr. Jones      
  5 mins Notes Class, page x  
  Midterm Exam Preparation List      
  List of Emphasized Items & Underlines in Quotes    
  3 mins Notes Class, page xii to xiv  
  Quiz 2      
  Evaluation of Galileo's Letter to Grand Duchess Christina      
  2 mins Notes Class, page xi  
  Final Exam      
  Fill-in-the-blank & multiple choice questions      
  2 mins    
  Final Exam Short Answer Questions      
  List of Questions      
  25 mins    
  Final Exam Preparation List      
  List of emphasized items & underlines in quotes    
  3 mins Notes Class, pages xv & xvi  
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