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  Course Description      
  This course is an introductory examination of the various relationships between science and religion. Topics include: Definitions of Science & Religion, Science-Religion Models, Intelligent Design, Galileo Affair, Geology & Noah’s Flood, Darwin’s Religious Beliefs, Evolution vs. Creation Debate, Problem of Evil, Interpretations of Genesis 1-11.  
  Teaching Style      
  Constructivist Learning  
  The purpose of the course is for students to examine various approaches to the relationship between science and religion and for them to construct THEIR personal positions.  
  Online Format  
  Students will complete written assignments as they proceede through online class audio-slide lectures with class notes and class handouts.  
  The course can be taken for credit (undergraduate or graduate) or non-credit (audit).  
  Syllabus & Schedules      
  Fall 2014 Section 800    
  Winter 2015 Section 850  
  12 mins
  1 Paper (20%)  
  2 mins
  12 Assignments (80%)   CLICK THE GRAY BOX ABOVE  
  27 mins
  2 mins
  Option B Requirements
  For students who want 1 midterm exam, 1 final exam, and 1 paper click here.  
  NOTE: students must come to St. Joseph's College to write both exams.  
  University of Alberta Students: Register through Bear Tracks.  
  Non-University of Alberta Students: Register as an Open Studies Student.  
  Course Materials  
  Class Notes & Class Handouts are online and FREE to download--CLICK THE GRAY BOXES ABOVE.  
  7 mins
  Self Test List  
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