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  Beyond the "Evolution" vs. "Creation" Debate  
  Are there only two positions on origins, either “evolution” or “creation”? This presentation is an introduction to the origins debate and examines five basic views of origins: young earth creation, progressive creation, evolutionary creation, deistic evolution, and atheistic evolution.    
  1. Introduction & Basic Concepts Lecture 9 mins Handout  
  2. Views on the Origin of the Universe & Life Lecture 13 mins   For all 3 episodes
  3. Summary & Conclusion Lecture 5 mins    
  The Bible & Ancient Science  
  Is the Bible a book of science? Many Christians assume that God revealed basic scientific facts in Scripture. This presentation examines a number of biblical passages dealing with the natural world and proposes that the Bible contains an ancient understanding of nature (ie, an ancient science). It also suggests that the purpose of Scripture is to reveal Spiritual Truths.    
  1. Introduction & Basic Concepts Lecture 13 mins Handout  
  2. Ancient Geography/Geology Lecture 11 mins   For all 5 episodes
  3. Ancient Astronomy Lecture 14 mins    
  4. Ancient Biology Lecture 20 mins    
  5. Conclusions Lecture 6 mins    
  Intelligent Design: Delusion or Divine Revelation?  
  Do beauty, complexity & functionality in the world reflect the mind of a creative intelligence? Or is design in nature merely a delusion of the human mind? This presentation examines the views of Richard Dawkins who rejects intelligent design, and then Biblical passages (Psalm 19 and Romans 1) affirming design. A model for intelligent design is proposed based on Scripture.    
  1. Introduction. ID a Delusion Lecture 7 mins Handout  
  2. The Bible & ID Lecture 12 mins   For all 4 episodes
  3. ID Arguments & ID Model Lecture 22 mins    
  4. Conclusion Lecture 9 mins    
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