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Occupational Health Services: A Practical Approach - Full Text

Introduction: Objectives of this Book

Section I. Purpose and Structure of Occupational Health Services

Chapter 1. The Occupational Health Care System
Chapter 2. Occupational Health Services
Chapter 3. Services to Small Business
Chapter 4. Providing Services to Many Employers
Chapter 5. Providing Services to a Single Large Employer
Chapter 6. Work Organization and Labor Relations
Chapter 7. Workers' Compensation
Chapter 8. Occupational Safety and Health Regulation

Section II. Administration

Chapter 9. Staffing and Personnel Needs
Chapter 10. Facilities and Equipment
Chapter 11. Costs and Benefits
Chapter 12. Marketing
Chapter 13. Office Procedures
Chapter 14. Liability Coverage for Physicians
Chapter 15. Records

Section III. Services

Chapter 16. Occupational Health Services - An Overview
Chapter 17. Clinical Management
Chapter 18. Fitness-to-Work and Disability Evaluations
Chapter 19. Health Monitoring and Surveillance
Chapter 20. AIDS in the Workplace
Chapter 21. Equal Access and Opportunity
Chapter 22. Absence Monitoring
Chapter 23. Hazard Evaluation and Control
Chapter 24. Industrial Emergencies
Chapter 25. Drug Screening
Chapter 26. Employee Assistance
Chapter 27. Health Promotion

Section IV. Standards and Evaluation

Chapter 28. Preparation of the Physician for Occupational Medicine Practice
Chapter 29. Research
Chapter 30. Ethics in Occupational Health
Chapter 31. Standards and Quality of Care
Chapter 32. Evaluation of Programs and Projects


Appendix 1. An Occupational Health Audit
Appendix 2. Sources of Information for Occupational Health Problem
Appendix 3. Recommended Library for an Occupational Health Service