Gray et al

Dr. Murray Gray is the scientific director for The Centre for Oil Sands Innovation and holds the NSERC-Imperial Oil Industrial Research Chair in Oil Sands Upgrading and the Canada Research Chair in Oil Sands Upgrading.

With over 3 trillion barrels of oil in place, the oilsands of Alberta are a secure source of petroleum that rivals the resources of the Middle East. The research challenge is to find better ways of upgrading the oil to meet consumer and environmental needs.

My research builds on the fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering and mass transfer to understand and control the reactions and properties of oil sands components at the molecular level. Working in mutidisciplinary teams to bring chemistry, physics and biology to bear, we gain exciting new insights in the following areas:

Bitumen and Mineral Fundamentals
Bitumen Separation and Upgrading Processes
Bioremediation and Bioprocessing