Stefan Schreiber (Postdoctoral fellow)

Stefan received his Ph.D. at the UofA (co-supervised by A. Hamann and U. Hacke). Ph.D. thesis: Adaptation of trembling aspen and hybrid poplars to frost and drought: implications for selection and movement of planting stock in western Canada.

Stefan studies drought and frost ecophysiology of hybrid poplar clones and aspen. To learn more about Stefan's projects click here.


Joan Laur (Ph.D. candidate)

Aquaporin function in woody plants

Joan studies molecular and physiological aspects of tree water relations. She is particularly interested in aquaporins, and how they function in different plant organs.


Caroline Brocious (MSc candidate)

Poplar water relations

Cayla studies water use of different poplar genotypes and species.

Rachel photo  

Rachel Hillabrand (Ph.D. candidate)

Climate-induced forest dieback

In this international collaboration, we assess the impact of drought and climate change on forest productivity in western Canada. Rachel is co-supervised by Dr. Vic Lieffers.


Uwe Hacke (Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair in Tree-Water Relations)

Uwe Hacke was born in Hessen, Germany. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Kiel in Germany. Uwe received a Feodor Lynen stipend from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and did postdoctoral work at Duke University in North Carolina.

He then moved to the University of Utah (John Sperry's laboratory) where he worked as a Research Associate and then as a Research Assistant Professor.

Uwe joined the faculty at the University of Alberta in Jan. 2007. He is interested in many aspects of plant biology but his favorite topics are woody plants and water. In 2013, he received the CD Nelson Award in Plant Biology from the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists.


former lab members


Lenka Plavcová. Ph.D. student, 2008-2012

Ph.D. thesis: Environmental Influences on Wood Structure and Water Transport in the Model Tree Populus. To learn more about Lenka's projects in our lab, click here.

Moved on to a postdoc position at Ulm University, Germany.


Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez. Postdoc, 2009-2012.

Adriana studied the expression of aquaporin genes and the function of water channels.

Moved on to a postdoc position at Univ of Montreal.