Current Graduate Students, Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants



Current LRIGS graduate students and post doctoral fellows can access their program requirements checklist, terms of reference documents, travel and expense documents, LRIGS logos and mentorship program documents at the LRIGS Google site.


2016 Cohort









Autumn Watkinson (PhD Student). Restoration of native sagebrush grassland to increase greater sage grouse populations in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada.










Jocelyn Gregoire (MSc Student). Width and stage of vegetative recovery on linear features effects on magnitude of edge effects to boreal songbird communities.









Xueyang Liu (Student Research Assistant). Elevated levels of nitrogen and sulfur depositions effects on soil acidification and decline in tree growth and understory species.










Anita Nowinka (Student Research Assistant). Moss and peat as monitors of present and past atmospheric dust deposition in the Athabasca Bituminous Sands Region.

Stanley Thach









Stanley Thach (Student Research Assistant). Biodegradation of hydrocarbons in residual organic diluent in oil sands tailings by syntrophic anaerobic bacteria and methanogenic archaea.



2015 Cohort









Muhammad Arshad (Post Doctoral Fellow). Development of biopolymers for de-watering and consolidation of oil sands tailings.










Jinhyeob Kwak (Post Doctoral Fellow). Effects of ten years of nitrogen and sulfur depositions on soil properties, growth and chemical properties of trees, and understory species diversity.









Bin Ma (Post Doctoral Fellow). Root growth and rhizosphere microbial community response to salt migration and capping strategies in oil sands reclamation.


Federico Riva









Federico Riva (PhD Student). Assessing effects of forest fragmentation and reclamation/restoration responses using butterflies.

Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard









Karen Christensen-Dalsgaard (MSc Student). Bioremediation of eutrophic lakes through food-web manipulation.


Kate Melnik









Kate Melnik (MSc Student). Creating topographic variability for understory species establishment on reclaimed sites.

Gillian-Mullan Boudreau









Gillian Mullan-Boudreau (MSc Student). Assessing dust deposition for industrial development and reclamation of bituminous sands.


Prem Pokharel









Prem Pokharel (MSc Student). Growth of nutrient loaded seedlings of aspen, white spruce and jack pine in oil sands reclamation in northern Alberta.

Qi Wang









Qi Wang (MSc Student). Effects of nitrogen deposition on litter decomposition in boreal forest in northern Alberta.


Yihan Zhao









Yihan Zhao (MSc Student). Vegetation response to hydrogen fluoride from phosphogypsum operations.


Lynnette Allemand









Lynnette Allemand (Student Research Assistant). Biopolymer assisted consolidation of oil sands tailings.


Sylyanne Foo









Sylyanne Foo (Student Research Assistant). Investigating the root architecture of trees in response to soil characteristics.

Peining Guan









Peining Guan (Student Research Assistant). Spatial pattern analysis of soil plant interactions to create benchmarks for future land reclamation procedures.


Kayla Rice









Kayla Rice (Student Research Assistant). Examining the presence of arsenic and selenium in the lower Athabasca River in Alberta.


2014 Cohort

Sebastian Dietrich









Sebastian Dietrich (PhD Student). Use of spatial pattern analysis of soil-plant relations to determine land reclamation success.


Nilusha Welegedara









Nilusha Welegedara (PhD Student). Modelling carbon, water and nitrogen cycling and salt redistribution in reclaimed landscapes using ecosys.

Mark Donner









Mark Donner (MSc Student). Assessment of arsenic and selenium in ground and surface water of the Lower Athabasca River Watershed.


Stephanie Ibsen









Stephanie Ibsen (MSc Student). Effects of long term nitrogen and sulfur depositions on soil properties, soil microbial biomass composition, greenhouse gas emissions and soil nitrogen saturation in the Athabasca oil sands.

Scott Wilson









Scott Wilson (MSc Student). Monitoring bird use of reclaimed wellpad sites at different vegetation recovery stages.




2013 Cohort

Alison Murata









Alison Murata (PhD Student). Assessment and remediation of soils and ground water contaminated with chlorinated organic compounds and salts.




2012 Cohort

Victoria Collins









Victoria Collins (PhD Student). Methane production and hydrocarbon degradation under nutrient limiting conditions in tailings ponds and potential for contaminant release in end-pit lakes. This student's research is partially funded by the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative (HAI).


Sarah Ficko









Sarah Ficko (PhD Student). Shrub and lichen revegetation for diamond mine reclamation. This student's research is partially funded by the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative (HAI).

Valerie Miller









Valerie Miller (PhD Student). Anthroposol development for diamond mine reclamation. This student's research is partially funded by the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative (HAI).





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