Potential Faculty Supervisors



In addition to working with international academics and Canadian and international representatives from industry and government, students will have the opportunity to work with the following University of Alberta academics.


Anne NaethDr M Anne Naeth (Director)

Land reclamation and restoration ecology


Vic AdamowiczDr Vic Adamowicz

Policy and economic analysis of land use

Erin BayneDr Erin Bayne

Wildlife responses to habitat change


Peter BoxallDr Peter Boxall

Environmental economics, ecological goods and services

David ChanasykDr David Chanasyk

Hydrology and applied soil physics


Scott ChangDr Scott Chang

Forest soils and nutrient dynamics

Debra DavidsonDr Debra Davidson

Social dimensions of the environment, natural resource governance


Kevin DevitoDr Kevin Devito

Landscape eco-hydrology, climate and land use impacts

Miles DyckDr Miles Dyck

Soil physics and water, heat and contaminants in reconstructed soils


Nadir ErbilginDr Nadir Erbilgin

Forest health and disturbance ecology

Lee FooteDr Lee Foote

Wetland reclamation, plant communities, wildlife conservation biology


Robert GrantDr Robert Grant

Modelling of disturbance effects on terrestrial ecosystems

Uwe HackeDr Uwe Hacke

Ecophysiology and plant structure and function


Lars HallstromDr Lars Hallstrom

Reclamation policy and impact assessment

Guillermo Hernandez RamirezDr Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez

Ecosystem services and resiliency and nutrient cycling


Al JobsonDr Al Jobson

Soil microbiology and soil bioremediation

Simon LandhausserDr Simon Landhäusser

Forest reclamation and restoration ecology


Brian LanoilDr Brian Lanoil

Molecular microbial ecology and environmental genomics

David LockyDr David Locky

Wetland ecology, restoration and policy


Marty LuckertDr Marty Luckert

Economic and policy analysis of land use change

Ellen MacdonaldDr Ellen Macdonald

Forest reclamation and restoration ecology



Derek MacKenzieDr Derek MacKenzie

Soil-plant relations in disturbed ecosystems


Gord McKennaDr Gord McKenna

Landform design, geotechnical and mine reclamation


Scott NielsenDr Scott Nielsen

Conservation biology, landscape ecology and ecological restoration

David OlefeldtDr David Olefeldt

Watershed management and wetland restoration


John ParkinsDr John Parkins

Social impact assessment, community development and public participation

Mark PoeschDr Mark Poesch

Stream and lake reclamation, compensation and aquatic species impact


Heather ProctorDr Heather Proctor

Ecology of freshwater and soil invertebrates

Sylvie QuideauDr Sylvie Quideau

Soil biogeochemistry


Bill ShotykDr Bill Shotyk

Trace element sources, transformations and fate in the environment

Tariq SiddiqueDr Tariq Siddique

Soil chemistry and environmental microbiology


Aman UllahDr Aman Ullah

Biopolymers/biomaterials for water remediation

Rolf VinebrookeDr Rolf Vinebrooke

Ecosystem resistance and recovery


Janusz ZwiazekDr Janusz Zwiazek

Plant stress physiology and plant-soil interactions



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